LED 5MM RGB, tự chớp 7 màu tự do
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Color: Red Green Blue

Gold Material: gold line current 18-20MA

Type: light-emitting diode voltage 3.0-4.0V

Note: quality assurance, including customer complaints Package: DIP type

Model: F5 colorful color light-emitting diode chip brand: Taiwan and China on

The main parameters: red, blue, green colorful color LED Highlight

LED instructions using

First, because of the design needs to pin or bent pin
   When the LED were bent legs and feet cut, bent legs and feet cut position from the bottom surface of colloidal greater than 3mm;
   Curved legs should be carried out before welding;
   When using the LED plug lights, PCB board, LED foot hole spacing and pitch to correspond;
   When cut legs cut legs due to vibration produces high-voltage static friction, so the machine to be reliable grounding, good anti-static work (can blow ion fan to eliminate static electricity).

Second, the welding conditions
   Soldering the LED can not be energized;
   Do not apply any pressure on the LED when heated;
   Maximum welding conditions:
     Manual welding wave soldering
a. Iron Maximum power: 50 W a maximum preheat temperature:. 100 ℃
b. Highest temperature: 300 ℃ b dip soldering maximum temperature:. 260 ℃
c. Welding maximum time: 3 seconds c dip soldering maximum time: 5 seconds
d. Welding position: from colloidal underside greater than 3mm d dip soldering position: more than 3mm from the underside of colloidal

Third, anti-static precautions
   All contact with the LED equipment and instruments must be grounded;
   All personnel must wear contact LED anti-static wrist strap or antistatic gloves; can not pick up the product with bare hands
   If LED has been static damage, will show some undesirable characteristics, such as leakage current increases, the static forward voltage drop or rise in the low current test does not shine or glow is not normal.

Fourth, over-current protection
LED series protection resistors to make it work stable
The resistance value is calculated as: R = (VCC-VF) / IF
VCC is the supply voltage, VF for the LED driving voltage, IF for forward current

Fifth, electrical testing and product use
   Test VF, brightness, wavelength must be set to the current 20mA, the test set VR IR 10uA, when testing IR VR set 5V;
   When the detection and use of LED, you must provide the same current to each LED that is detected using a constant current source, in order to ensure consistency check brightness and other characteristics;
   LED use in ambient temperatures between -30 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃;
   Spectrophotocolorimeter good product when used, can not be different levels of box number (an identification label on each package) product mix on the same products, in order to avoid differences in color and brightness, as indeed must use mixed grade box number, phase o Level box number only used together, but try to avoid.


LED lùn 5MM, 0.2W, 30-35LM, màu trắng lạnh 6200K, 3.0-3.4VDC, góc chiếu 150°

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  • CW-5MM-0.2W

    LED lùn 5MM, 0.2W, 30-35LM, màu trắng lạnh 6200K, 3.0-3.4VDC, góc chiếu 150°

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