Laser diode 5V

5V laser head, outside diameter 6MM
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5V laser head laser diode semiconductor laser dot copper pipe outside diameter 6MM

 Wavelength: 650NM Power: 5MW outside diameter: 6MM

1: pay attention to the safety of the laser cell, to prevent others from demolition burning electric power pool causing a short circuit or battery explosion.
2: The principle of laser emission and particularity generation process determines the laser with ordinary light do not have the characteristics: namely Miyoshi (color is good, good coherence, direction) a high (high brightness).

3: mainly used for laser toys, all kinds of level meter, ground instruments, etc.
Making electronic pointer pen: When the teacher, the students drew a laser projection point view check thinking.

Electronic spirit level: Let motor driven head rotation or twisting, projected in a straight line on the wall for decoration or post pictures when you do the horizontal reference.

Micro LCD Projector: Remove the condenser, so that the laser can be controlled through the LCD screen, you can produce a clear projection on the wall.

Laser distance listener: the laser is irradiated on a glass room eavesdropping, and then receives the laser beam reflected back to the glass, reduction of the detected vibration of the glass out of the room to the sound.

Remote light control anti-theft alarm: in the corner of the need to protect fish ponds or watermelon tube is mounted on the laser emission and photosensitive resistance, in the other three on the opposite corner mounted mirror to form a protective zone.

Laser distance wireless communication: the use of a laser transceiver devices are facing each other in two distant roof, the use of single-chip serial communication protocol can send and receive files, and even networking.

The laser head by a light-emitting tube core, a condenser lens, adjustable sleeve of three parts copper, when sent to the user, which is already three parts assembled, but also adjust the focal length of the lens, and has stuck with superglue

Well, the user connected to the 5V DC power supply to work.


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